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Here I have done a few example questions which are handy to read and may answer the question you were going to ask. 




Q : I want a socket over there but you can't lift floor boards or damage the wall, what will you do?

A: There is a certain amount of realism which is required from both parties, enable to carry out a detailed job, a given amount of disruption will have to happen, you have to think "How will that cable get from A to B?" lifting floors and chasing walls will probably have to happen.


Q: I just want a quick price over the phone.

A: Every electrical installation is different, pricing over the phone would always be high from who ever you you get it from and probably scare you from moving forward, this price is due to covering themselves from not under pricing the job, We all want to be fair but in reality not knowing what you already have in your property it would be difficult to know how to price the job for the requirements. I prefer to do a site visit and give an accurate estimate to carry out the work and check the fabric of the building including existing electrical installation.  


Q: I want to do all the electrical work myself, can you sign it off for me? 

A: I can currently carry out 3rd party certification if I wish, however, to date I have only carried out 1 which complied with regulation. I have strict guidance from Napit how this procedure is to be carried out,  simply turning up and giving you a certificate doesn't happen and never will, I would need to do several site visits, consultation, require photo evidence of the installation throughout the process and a full test carried out by myself including me doing the final connections. It is simple, my registry, insurance and 20 years experience is not given for free.


Q: I want a detailed break down on everything you use and how you are going to achieve this listed. 

A: I don't do detailed break downs, I give you general information required for the work I carry out, If I tell you exactly what I use and how to use it then you would carry out the work yourself. You wouldn't ask a mechanic how to fix your car or a restaurant chef for the ingredients to there special dish, the trade is treated the same. 




Q: Why Do you have to the power off?

A: Enable to carry out a full test, we have to disconnect circuits from the fuse board to verify the cables integrity, this requires all circuits to be tested and be off for a given time, circuits will  not be off all day and I always communicate with clients to make sure I switch off before carrying out the test. 


Q: Can my equipment be effected?

A: Within a home there will always be vulnerable equipment, my aim is to identify all potential hazards before carrying out the test which can effect it, this will eliminate any problems.  


Q: I want a condition report for a 4 bed house, can you get it done in 2 hours? 

A: No, carrying out a condition report requires time to gain the required information for the report. a typical test for a 2/3 bed home would take a day minimum to carry out a thorough test, if we didn't do this the certificate would be worthless with loads of limitations recorded, make sure you are getting the correct documentation for various reasons, this is a legal document you are paying for. 


Q: What happens when you find something dangerous. 

A: If it is directly dangerous and can cause harm or death it will be immediately disconnected and made safe, Anything potentially dangerous depending on its severity will be recorded on the certificate to be dealt with after an estimate given, when carrying out a test, no electrical work is carried out to rectify the issues found if any, remedial works are priced and agreed after the test is carried out. 





Q: Why do you need a deposit? 

A: Time to time I will request a deposit, this is for various reasons, it might be to cover specific materials ordered or high valued equipment even labour, ultimately I will not put my credit or home at risk for strangers  who require my service, I will always discuss prior to starting the project. 


Q: You sent me a contract, Why have you done that?.

A: In certain circumstances if we are entering a high costing project, enable to protect you and myself a contract would be written up for legal reasons this prevents non-payers and ensures commitment, everything will be documented via emails. Not all jobs will have a contract. 


Q: While you are already here doing work, have you got a minute? or could you just.....

A: I often get asked to carry out additional work while on site for a scheduled job, I allocate a certain amount of time to carry out your request, I can not always carry out additional work the same day as I may been schedule elsewhere that same day, always mention work before work begins to prevent disappointment. 


Q: You were here for an Estimate which you said is Free but I have an invoice from you?

A: Estimates generally are free unless I have to spend several hours on them, Sometimes I get asked to carry out work while doing an estimate for example, "I have this fault can you have a quick look while you are here", soon as I get my tools out I am working it is no longer an estimate it is a fault find, invoices will be sent for my professional time. 


Q: Why do you ask for all additional requests to be emailed?

A: Simple really, verbal means nothing in a court of law, any additional works which are not apart of the original estimate will require requests in writing to cover myself against non-payers. 


Q: Why do you do Estimates and not Quotes?

A: Due to the constant fluctuation of the electrical market and wholesales only given limited time on there quotes I can not keep to a set price, best way is the honest way, If a product goes up and you get back to me late that estimate will change, I won't pay the extra for the product you want if it changes. 


Q: I want a detailed breakdown on the invoice, everything used and receipts. 

A: I don't do detailed breakdowns on my invoices and especially do not show my receipts, my prices are my privilege, I have built my accounts up for over 20 years, we all have to run a business to earn for our families and make a profit for carrying out the work, this should be acknowledged. You wouldn't ask Tesco to show you the farmers receipts this should be the same for the trade. 



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