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I take electrical safety very seriously, there are still many properties out there with owners who have not touched there electrical installation in many years, it seems many prefer to change bathrooms, kitchens and decorate there home without touching the electrical installation. Electrical safety seems to be always last to be dealt with. 

There are many web sites you can gain electrical information from, knowing what is correct is becoming harder as there is so much fake news out there and everyone seems to want to have an opinion, I personally always ask those within the trade by recommendation only, I can not always guarantee those who say they are professional actually are. 

Using DIY websites have forums to ask electrical questions but as we have all learned, many people like to give false information, I would seek professional advise or ask those giving the advise to prove they are competent to answer technical questions. 


The Electrical safety first website give so much information which can help anyone looking for electrical answers or general guidance. or Click Here

The institution of engineering and technology wrote the regulation book, you can gain loads of information here or Click Here




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