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Thank you for visiting my page, some details about myself, I am a husband and father to 3 young girls, family is very important to me and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them, I have been in the industry for over 20 years, I have lifted more floor boards and chased walls to many times to count, I used to work for a company who had multiple contracts while I was with them this included East Sussex Fire Brigade, East Sussex county council, Wealden Council, many housing associations and contractors including schools throughout East Sussex, safe to say I have my fair share of all aspects within the electrical trade. 

I decided to go on my own over 8 years ago and havent looked back since, it hasn't been easy and continues to be a challenge, with the economy the way is and post Covid, I have no doubt  we are all finding it difficult and want to find the right company/person to carry out what ever work you require. 

I won't pretend to be the best out there, plenty of good electricians with in east Sussex area and for what I have seen plenty of awful ones too. What I can say is, I take pride in my work, this provides references and future opportunities from what I achieve, I am honest and will guide you as much as I can, I usually tell my clients "I am not hear to tell what you can have, I'm hear to tell what you can't have" What I mean by this is simple, I know electrical regulations fairly well, these govern all installations and certain things we simply can not do. I wont pretend I can remember everything within the regulations but I do have all the correct literature to gain the answer requested, for peace of mind all electricians have to sit an exam to clarify they can find all the answers within the Electrical regulation book.


I don't do everything within the trade but I know people who can carry out the work for me, for example addressable fire alarms and security alarms I simply don't do myself, due to the market moving fast along with regulation change. I wouldn't be able to be as completive compared to others, I am working towards EV and Solar which I hope to complete end of  2023. 


I can carry out plenty of electrical work Domestically, commercially and sometimes industrial, I do maintenance for many companies including emergency lighting testing, I do all Electrical testing excluding Solar and EV, this would include Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) for all types of premises and land lord. 

I also install CCTV, Data, Extend Telephone lines internally, TV around the home, I have even built stud walls and converted garages as I used to do carpentry work. Always worth asking, I would be more then happy to discuss your requirements, Please don't feel I wouldn't be able to do big projects as I am a sole trader, I know many Electricians,  who support me an sub contract to complete many projects including commercial testing. 



Monday - Friday:        07:00 - 17:00

Saturday:                     By appointment

Sunday:                        By appointment


Possible call outs, conditions would apply if attending out of hours.


Please follow me on Social media. 

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LinkedIn - My business network, not on this as much these days. 

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Just search Dean Hambleton Electrician on google to find me.